My Top Tips for Completing your SAF

I think the more personable you can come across the better. I always say roll the cinema for them and allow them to picture you in that job. 🎥 You can do this by the language you use and being clever in what you highlight depending on what the school is looking for.
• Check out their school website. If at all possible, link your specialism/additional qualifications etc to what they have running in the school and how you could enhance that. Look for gaps, for example if music or sport initiatives are missing from their website then if you have those skills really highlight those.
• Use lots of verbs here: I created/ I led/ I initiated/ I collaborated on/I teamed up with ...
• For contribution to school ethos and success of the school I would directly quote their ethos and how you connect with it. For example ‘To Lead Onwards..’ you might mention your leadership skills in terms of teaching and learning and how your passion and commitment to pupil’s individual development is paramount and give examples. You might also mention your ability to confidently collaborate with colleagues to drive initiatives that support the holistic development of every child in their school!
• Talk about your successes in life and college. I think it is important here to show how your personality can add positively to the school culture.
• Other information: topical things to mention here: COLLABORATION/especiallynfor pupils with SEN nb/ School Self Evaluation (reflective practice nb)/ New Primary Language Curriculum (engagement with this and confidence in being guided by this in your Literacy teaching).
Finally.. remember the right.job will come along for you and I know how disheartening it can be not to be called for interview but you will get something..Even a short term position will be hugely beneficial. I subbed my 1st year out and cannot tell you the value of this.. I got to go into several classrooms and establish my presence',learn from teacher systems already in place/got used to different schemes/got to go into staff rooms and find my place!! A huge learning curve that really stood to me!! Best of luck to all!

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