Supporting the Reluctant Reader

💜 Madeline Finn and the Library Dog 💜 

A powerful book by Lisa Papp highlighting the voice of the struggling reader.

We all have children in our class that have to overcome various challenges during literacy acquisition and fair to say as teachers, we do our very best for them in any way we can. The author's choice of words in this book resonate with me...'Stars are for good readers... Instead I get a heart that says Keep Trying'. These words make me mindful of our reward systems and the importance of nurturing those reluctant readers with great care! Are we always fully cognisant of their real struggles and how it can impact their self esteem and confidence. 

💜 Consider supports you put in place for struggling or reluctant readers in your class?  In this story Madeline experiences success by reading to a therapeutic dog.

In addition to a focused intervention with the support of a Special Education Teacher, here are a few simple things I do in the classroom:

💥Ensure they are reading at their Instructional Level. Use Running Records to decipher their strengths and needs.
💥Allow them to CHOOSE books that interest them (differentiate text and/or use technology (audio books) where appropriate).
💥Create a Classroom Culture where there is a clear understanding and acceptance of the different ways we all learn and that we all have strengths and needs. Share your own needs as a teacher and lifelong learner.
💥Use the child's strengths to allow him/her to be the Expert in other curricular areas
💥 Create opporunities for Buddy Reading with a younger child.
💥 Give them Extra Time to prepare a piece for reading aloud if they want to partake in Readers Theatre.
💥Engage them in story through Teacher Read Alouds...get them hooked by sharing your love and enthusiasm of reading.
💥 Read the books that they are reading. Discuss it with them. Show them that teacher likes to read what they are reading. Show them the value of the books chosen for them or chosen by them. 


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