On-Demand Roundtable Webinar for Special Education Teachers

On-Demand Roundtable Webinar for Special Education Teachers

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 Due to the demand for another Roundtable Webinar for Special Education Teachers, I have decided to offer an ‘on-demand’ version on my website. Many teachers who contacted me were unable to commit to the specific times/dates for the two previous webinars so I thought it might be useful to allow teachers to watch a recording of the webinar in their own time.

The aims of the webinar is to:

- Deepen teachers’ understanding of the role of Special Education Teacher

- Explore each stage of the Continuum of Support and outline expectations of the SET at each stage

- Share practical tips, resources and ‘on-the-ground’ advice to support you in your new role

Here is what will be included in the package:

A recording of the presentation (1hr 45mins)

A copy of the presentation slides

Participant Pack – including items such as SEN Publications, Relevant Circulars, Planning templates, Sample documents and other general resources under the headings of Literacy, Numeracy, and EAL and much more.

All About Me Pupil Learning Profiles Kit

Access: Participants will have 7 days in which to watch the recorded presentation 

Cost: €10

Within 24 hours of purchase, you will be invited to watch the zoom recording and have access for 7 days. You will be required to register for access to recording via a zoom link. You will also receive an email with a google link to access your pack. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions: primarylinksie@gmail.com